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Parts980735: IMPACT Selling® for Parts Sales Professionals

IMPACT Selling® for Parts Sales Professionals

IMPACT Selling provides parts professionals with a highly effective sales framework that guides participants in the sales process with each customer or prospect. Participants will also learn how to effectively share account information and allocate time and resources.

This interactive and tactical virtual workshop incorporates class discussion, individual and group exercises, and customized practice scenarios designed to reinforce application of the sales process. A personal assessment customizes the course to each participant. Participants leave equipped with strategies that can be implemented immediately to improve on-the-job performance.

This course is taught in seven virtual sessions. See Navigator for details.

The Brooks Group TriMetrix® Sales Assessment must be completed prior to attending the IMPACT Selling for Parts Sales Professionals course.

Training type: Virtual

Cost: See Navigator

Training hours: 16

Test-out: No

Intended for: Outside parts sales professionals

Prerequisite: Parts professional status

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Courses may be changed, cancelled, or added based on demand. Always refer to Navigator for the most current session availability.