Mack Mack


Service501371: JPRO Training Videos

JPRO Training Videos

JPRO Professional – Training Series: 

  • Introduction to JPRO
  • Connecting JPRO to the Vehicle 
  • Navigating the JPRO Home Screen 
  • Diagnosing the Vehicle with JPRO – Vehicle Readiness 
  • Identifying Components with JPRO’s Roll Call 
  • Viewing JPRO’s Proprietary Fault Data 
  • Automating the Inspection Process with JPRO 
  • Utilizing JPRO for Reporting 
  • Managing Vehicle Information with JPRO’s Data Monitor 
  • Performing Aftertreatment Diagnostics with JPRO 
  • Simplifying and Expediting Repairs with JPRO 
  • Repairing More by Recording More with JPRO 
  • Performing Bi-Directional Commands with JPRO

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