Mack Mack


EV500964: LR Electric Preparedness Pitstop Assessment

LR Electric Preparedness Pitstop Assessment

Registration in BEV curricula and participation in BEV training is strictly limited to individuals who have completed all prerequisites.

Step 3 in the certification process is designed to be an assessment of retention from all previous courses in this program.  Participants must successfully complete and pass all tasks within this interactive assessment to attend the final ILT session.

Upon successful completion of this assessment, participants will be prepared to:

  • Recall information pertaining to safe work environment guidelines when working with electric vehicles.
  • Recall acronyms and steps included in the decommissioning and commissioning of electric vehicles.
  • Recall and apply information learned in the courses to answer questions presented.

Duration can vary depending on results for each task and can range from 60-120 minutes.

Course type:

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