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EV500644: LR Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Safety Training Basics

LR Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Safety Training Basics

Registration in BEV curricula and participation in BEV training is strictly limited to individuals who have completed all prerequisites.

Mack Trucks currently provides a wide range of vehicles to support the North American trucking industry. Most recently, we have added the Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) to our family of trucks! The Mack LR electric, built on the tried and true LR chassis, is already making an impact in select markets and will require your shop’s service and support!

As a dealership employee involved with BEVs, your role is to support the operation of these vehicles. In order to do that safely, this short course provides information on how to handle electric vehicles during sales and servicing. It will also explain how you will work with other roles within your shop, and clarify your responsibilities as you perform work on and around electric vehicles.

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