Mack Mack


EV500962-01: Mack Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Library

Mack Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Library

Registration in BEV curricula and participation in BEV training is strictly limited to individuals who have completed all prerequisites.

Step 1 on the path to certification. The BEV Library is the most current foundational information about the Mack LR Electric. This content serves as prerequisite training for other courses and serves as a reference library when needed. It will be kept up to date as changes are rolled out.

After completing this BEV Library and before moving on to other trainings in the BEV path, you must pass the BEV Library assessment in Navigator.

Upon completion of this module, participants should be able to:

  • Define and differentiate between the types of electric vehicles
  • Identify the major systems incorporated within a battery-electric vehicle (BEV)
  • Explain how the major systems in a BEV interact with and support each other
  • Recall common acronyms associated with BEVs
  • Identify and locate the components involved in the decommissioning and commissioning process
  • State basic electrical safety precautions to take when working with electric vehicles

Training type: eLearning

Your ability to view this course in Navigator may be determined by prerequisite completion or curriculum availability. Visit Navigator for more information.