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Sales500878: Mack MD Electric Product

Mack MD Electric Product

Discover the Mack Medium Duty Electric. The second BEV truck in Mack’s product lineup features the same durability and dependability as the Medium Duty Diesel with a SEA electric powertrain. This course explains the energy storage process used by the truck, the systems propelling the truck, and quality features that make it an all-around top choice for medium duty customers looking for a quieter, more sustainable ride.


  • Recognize hoew the process of the charging port, high voltage battery storage, low voltage battery storage and regenerative braking work together to power the MD Electric.
  • Explore the MD Electric, Class 6 and 7 configurations, their quality standard features and truck build options.
  • Discover how the electrically-powered systems, such as the system tower, powertrain and cooling system work together to propel the vehicle.
  • Learn what sets Mack apart in the BEV market, considering each MD Electric is born in the USA, with a comprehensive Ultra Service Contract which includes an established network providing superior uptime support.

Training type: eLearning

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