Mack Mack


EV500968-01: Mack CET Decommissioning & Commissioning Electric Vehicles

Mack CET Decommissioning & Commissioning Electric Vehicles

Registration in EV curricula and participation in BEV training is strictly limited to individuals who have completed all prerequisites.

This hands-on instructor-led training is the final stop on the journey to obtaining Level 4 CET certification.

Upon completion of this hands-on training, participants should be able to:

  • Safely decommission the Mack LR Electric
  • Safely commission the Mack LR Electric

Participants will take the final exam online at the end of the hands-on session; those who successfully complete the course and exam will receive an EV uniform patch.

Course type: ILT

Cost: $750 USD

Training days: 1

Test-out: No

Intended for: Technicians who have achieved Electronics segment master status


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